Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Pages 63. and 64.!

I recommend a full view of the page :D


Yay the second full page spread of Paths of Avarnight is finally done! I decided to put the whole, uncensored page here in my blog since Both Tapas and Webtoons don't support full page spreads and I am also antsy that the horrors of this page are too much for the restrictions of both those sites xD

 There will be a point in the comic where I probably have to move the rest of the story to here because it's gonna get gory and grim :D But not yet, fully at least!

 I'm also sorry that the page took this long, AND that the results of the popularity poll are still not in x'I That corona really pushed my summer off kilter, but I'm trying to get it done asap! My goal is to update the comic at least once per month, and when that's done, I can work on the extras.

And lastly! Me and my partner in crime rikkisu got a table from Zine Fest in September! I'm going to try to have something new for that table too, so look forward to that ^^



Monday, 4 July 2022

Endless inking


This is the most labour intensive page of all PoA I swear… AND it’s a two page spread xD forgive me for it being late, I am working on it, as much as con prep allows me to :”D but it will be worth the wait when it’s done, I hope.....

But See you in Finncon this weekend!

Thursday, 30 June 2022


I wanted to give Stargaze their own post so they wouldn’t be too overshadowed by the Cosmic Messenger of Peace xD

 There’s a third design too but there was a slight misprint so you’ll see it when I get the fixed stickers ^^ 

Both stickers will be adorning my artists’ alley table at Finncon 2022 🛸✨ 

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Messenger of Cosmic Peace

Hologrammi-Homer! He is the cosmic messenger of love and peace, but now in more colours than ever! 😄

Available in Finncon2022 in Espoo! In a few weeks! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

62nd page finally

 I'm sorry the page is so late! That bout of corona really messed up my schedules for this month... But I'll try to get back on track asap! 

Read it in Webtoons & Tapas as usual :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

...I'm back

 Sorry for the long silence, corona finally caught up with me and I was pretty ill for a bit there :'''D But I'm better now! And this critter is done, and will hopefully be a holographic sticker by Finncon! Let's see how it goes...;;;;

New page of PoA is also late thanks to me being out of commission there, but I'm working on it!

Tuesday, 31 May 2022


 I haven’t drawn a pencil and ink drawing in such a long long time. This feels so good for a change : D


 I suddenly realised it’s a bit over a month until Finncon and I might want something new on my table xD

This is a critter I've not drawn since 2011 xD The design is also so different I'm sure anyone who knew the original would probably not recognise them... They're a part of the world of Paths either way ;>