Tuesday 23 July 2024

Post-Ropecon void....

Thank you Ropecon!! I had such a good time even if I was dead tired from the get go x€ thank you everyone who visited our table, my tablemates and sorry to everyone I didn't have the time to chat with as much as I would've liked...
Pictured here is my half elven barbarian Nanco who I created for a one shot we played on Saturday! I really liked his concept and the fact he accidentally got 16 on charisma. Too bad everything went poorly for him in the actual game :"""( at least he survived though... Poor Nanco... I've posted a coloured version on Cara , so if you're interested in him in full colour have a peek! I do hope I get to use him at some point again...

and a bonus Homer from the balcony patiently waiting for the sun to hit :D

Sunday 14 July 2024

Page 97~

Here’s the first page of the month! Read it in either Tapas or Webtoons  :3

Narya’s venture back into their homeland continues, but not all looks to be the same as before, at least to their eyes!

…and I do hope I manage to get the second one done this month too xD I’ve been so proud of myself, keeping up the bimonthly updates for half a year now, but this end of the month and whole of next month are so jam packed with stuff I’m anxious if I’ll be able to get everything done ;;;;;; I will keep doing my best!!!1

Speaking of being busy, I will be sharing table number B74 at Ropecon trade hall next weekend with my friends Rikkisu and Chika ! I’m going to be there for the whole weekend too! I’ll post a map soon, as the trade hall is bigger than ever before!

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Shiny paints!

 A while ago I tested out these lovely aurora paints I got from @rikkisu_art  way way back, but ofc I forgot to post anything about it xD I LOVE THESE!!! Now only if I had time to do some recreational paintings too, but all my time goes to trying to keep up with PoA updates x0 I'm almost done with the next page too! 

And I've got a few new exciting things coming up for Ropecon too, keep your eyes peeled >:D

Tuesday 2 July 2024



'm also on Cara nowadays! I made a profile a while ago but haven't remembered to tell about it here yet! I've been really agonising over all the sc. AI paska on all social media platforms recently so this feels like a good option…  plus you only see art when you browse Cara which is what I really want to see, so yay!

Anyway, follow me there and I'll follow you back, and if you don't have or want an account you can see my stuff in there without logging in either! 

Saturday 29 June 2024

96th page


New page! Read it in the usual pages of Tapas and Webtoons!

 I decided to do a new kind of preview pic by combining a few panels, very exciting stuff I know.

Now that we're out we're going to start seeing many new things and aspects of the Shindran society and the environment they inhabit, I hope I can do it justice, but I am at the same time just so excited to finally be here 😄

Also the third surprise for our poor Narya in three pages... Though you'll have to wait until the next page to see what they saw :3

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Ko-Fi shop updated!

Thank you again to everyone who visited our table in Desucon last weekend! I have finally gathered my wits enough to have been able to update leftover products to my Ko-Fi shop.  Please have a look, if you're unable to attend Ropecon (whole weekend), Helsingin Sarjakuvafestivaalit (whole weekend) and Tracon (Taidepolku, Sunday only), which will be my next three confirmed events ^-^

Thursday 13 June 2024

Page 95 & Desucon reminder~

 Finally we're out! And life is full of surprises for our poor Narya, and believe me, you (and Narya) haven't seen the half of it yet! :D

Read it in the usual platforms TapasTapas and WebtoonsWebtoons

I hope I will be able to get the next page in on time, too! June has been so incredibly busy, and there's no end in sight.... But I'll do my best!

FOR EXAMPLE! I will be in Desucon for the weekend! You can find me and Rikkisu in Trade Hall where we have an artisan tableYou can find me and Rikkisu in Trade Hall where we have an artisan table :3