Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Elric of Melniboné

A mermified Elric of Melniboné for Marriakhan over in Tumblr​ as my part of the mini art-trade for Mermay :D He is very confused about the situation and about how to use Stormbringer underwater.

I’ve coincidentally been re-reading a bit of the good old Elric books and gushing over him as he is ...just a lot of things that I really, really like; e.g. broody, cruel, skinny, pale and with a big fucking sword of Chaos. And did think I’d like to do a tiny bit of fan art of him, and now I got the opportunity! Elric is also the reason I know Marriakhan since we "met" when I commented on an Elric fan art piece of theirs many, many years ago...

Marriakhan drew my derptastic elven sorcerer-druid Liehu, as a beautiful perfect little mer-elf!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Stockholm International Comic Festival!

Greetings from Stockholm, we had a great weekend! Thank you all who visited our table, and hopefully we'll see again next year, too.
 Here's a few touristy pictures of Stockholm that I took

I got it! Finally! I love Robin Hobb's books, mayhaps the best of all books.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Severan and Ananthe

Severan and Ananthe, 2017, Pencil, ink and Painttool SAI

This was supposed to be just a sketch! I got a bit too excited.

 I think both Severan’s and Ananthe’s clothes are a bit too fancy in this, Severan is just a murder-hobo crawling in the dark & murk of the City and Ananthe, while much more regal is just a pretty well to do healer, not a king or anything… His favorite pastime is embroidery, though, so he’s decorated those robes himself. Severan’s favorite pastimes include getting on Ananthe’s nerves, eating people and making bad life choices.

We also need close-ups, here we have Severan.

And here Ananthe.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Spring and Summer Annoucements

First of all, my seminar paper is done and submitted for reviewing! Yay! Now there’s like a week of fooling around before all that other shit I need to get done.

 So, I started drawing Severan and Ananthe, my two rather new characters from an original setting of mine. Severan is a young, brazen (read: stupid) and moody meat-eater elf , with a bit of cat in his blood. He is also a reiteration of my old Dark Heresy character, but way less like Kanda. Like totes.
 Ananthe (right in the picture) is far older and wiser, half and half of a regular elf and a meat-eater elf. He and Severan have a complicated relationship which has a lot of Ananthe being pretty fed up with Severan’s bullshit, like in this picture.

 Then, for the summer~ I will be attending several events this summer!

  • I will try my wings at a new event, the Dark Market of Lumous Gothic Festival on the 15th of July in Tampere! There's no entrance fee to this event, so if you're in Tampere come say hi to me~
  • Then there's of course the course on Manga I will be teaching in Joutseno straight after Lumous.
  • I've also booked a table from Ropecon (28th-30th July, Helsinki) this year too, so you will find me in the dealers' den, again!
  • Me and my partner in crime, Pihlajatar, also got a table from Creators' Alley in Worldcon 9th-13th of August

So far these are the confirmed events that I will be attending, I'll keep you posted about new ones as I confirm participation~

 Don't forget that next weekend I will be in the Comics festival of Stockholm! If you happen to be there, do come say hi ^^

AND, my exhibition is open until 17th of May, so five days left if you want to see it! Thank you all who have already visited the exhibition, I loved reading the guestbook when I popped in last week!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Black Flame

Black Flame (detail), watercolour, ink, felt tip pen and acrylic, 2017

I finally finished this commission, took me only almost a year to finish. I feel so bad, even though the commissioner only wanted me to paint a dragon I managed to make it into a huge problem by trying to depict one of my oldest characters of draconian blood. I guess it is the freedom that made me keel over, I wanted to make something that looks like what I’d do… I did five tries, this is the last and I’m still not happy with it.

 Anyways, Black Flame, a character from that ye olde comic of mine that I always talk about, but a character that wouldn’t be in it for a good while even if I did actually start drawing it again from the start. But a crafty one this is, and I love them to bits; slumbering behemoth, keeper of the lightless flame and lord of all things black metal, because every comic needs a black metal dragon, right?

Want to commission me? My suggestion is don’t :’D I’m incredibly slow, therefore expensive and to top the slowness I get creative crisises, apparently. But do drop me a message if you’re interested in hearing me apologise for about a year ;>

ps. only two weeks left until Stockholm international comics festival! so exciting!