Sunday, 22 December 2013

Something old for a change

 Old but before unseen! In the internets at least, this was actually a part of an exhibition our comics' course arranged about a year ago... But anyway, this is an assignment from that course, we had to write two 3 versions of the same script with minor alterations, one we drew ourselves and the other was given to some one else. It was really fun and interesting assigment!
 And here's a short comic written by the wonderfully talented Viivi, and doodled by me! 

I'd love to share the one I wrote and drew myself, but it's crap, fantastically badly drawn :'D But Viivi drew her version of my script, and I've been told that a sampling of that story might come up on her webpage some time in the near future~ So go there, one and all, Viivi is also currently drawing a very interesting graphic novel about working in an mental institution, so keep your pretty heads up for that too ^-^

PS. Me and my lovely partner in crime Pihlajatar got a table from the Artists' Alley in Yukicon,  on Saturday to be exact, so see you there too! I'm scheming up new shenanigans for that event too~