Saturday, 31 December 2016

Art Summary 2016

 I decided to finally make a summary of my own too, since it has been a productive year for me. Though, far from the level of productivity I would like to reach. A proper piece for each month would be so nice, here we still have a lot of silly little doodles for many months. Well, let’s see how it goes next year!

 Thank you all who have been a part of my life this past year, and I sincerely hope next year will be better for all of us!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Rpg doodles

Silly little rpg doodle of my character Liehu (sorcerer-druid with cat on the left) and his one and only, much beloved brother Kieran (rogue-ranger aka foopad on the right), they and our game is the best and stupidest game I’ve ever played <3 

Liehu likes cats (of which he currently has four, one being a lynx), nature, billowing floral dresses and his brother. Kieran likes black leather, hating undead (a source of a few of his facial scars, of which he has many), angst and his brother. He hates the cats, though, for they eat all of his food and sleep on top of him.

And another 5 minute Kieran, because why not! I really need to make a proper reference sheet of Liehu, and many other of my characters too...

Monday, 12 December 2016

Ninavel progress animation

I was so busy with everything else after posting the picture of Ninavel, that I completely forgot I had taken a few wip shots of it in order to make a tine little gif of the painting process! So here we have it.
 Next time I'll take even more. This one doesn't really show the progress too well, but then again I did have a few very long work days while making this...

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Painting Comics

More tiny slivers of my tiny comic; I really enjoy painting that belly~ I'll try to keep posting little sneak peeks of the comic as regularly as I can! My goal is to get it done by Tampere Kuplii next spring! Wish me luck, and stay posted my lovelies~

Saturday, 3 December 2016


First prints of my magnificent Ninavel, and some new bookmarks for the Steam Hellsinki Christmas fair today! Both are an extremely limited run this time, so if you see something you like, come and grab it~~

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


...And here's the coy friend of last week's scaleback, hiding behind the silver paint I bought from Nara. Still loving it very much, and this one requires it in heaps and bounds. I love painting those feathers.

Also! I will be participating in Elisabet Höyry's Christmas market in Steam Hellsinki on Sturday the 3rd of December 14-19! If you're around, come say hi! I'll have a little something new there too, so stay vigilant~

Sunday, 20 November 2016


For this new comic of mine I've returned to my watercolours, and I love them so much. Why did I ever stop painting with them?

This is the other main character of my comic. I'll show you a painting of the other soon~ I'm really excited about this project!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ninavel the Ever Radiant

Ninavel the Ever Radiant, 2016, Pencil, ink & Photoshop

Ninavel is one of the major npcs of a campaign of Storium I’ve been running for a few years and occasionally mentioned here too. Eternally benevolent, immensely powerful and shrouded in mystery they seemingly run a secret society bent on regaining old secrets, studying the mysteries of the chaotically multi-dimensional world that is their setting; and having rad parties.

 This thing is huge and I’m still not sure I did all that is Ninavel justice… This picture also forms a diptych together with Laughter, even if they are creatures of different worlds… Maybe. 

Anyway, here's a few close ups too since the original is so damnably big!

 I’ve planned a sibling set of diptychs for these feathery ones, but we shall see when and if I have time to get those done.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Inktober Liehu!

We had a game last Sunday so have an inktobery Liehu with his valiant lynx Kille, and with loyal Aya and the kittens to the side <3 Liehu is a tiny elf and Kille is about as big as lynxes can get, which hopefully explains the lack of size difference.
Kille is supposed to be an approximation of an Iberian lynx, they are epic; and very endangered :’< You can read more about the for example here!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The evolution of the glove

This week I haven't had that much luck with my inktobers, I've doodled, but nothing is satisfactory; luckily there are other things on my agenda, too! Like the progress of this mystical glove I've been slowly working on:

Soo, hopefully very soon, I can finally reveal this baby in all their magnificent glory! I've tried my utmost to keep all of the picture as glimmery as this glove; the glove of gloves!

ps. I hope everyone remembers Taidekuja, that I'm arranging? Time is drawing near, and soon we will start to unveil our sellers and programkeepers; follow us on facebook for example to keep yourself in the know~ 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Inktober vol. 2

 I've seemingly settled on a leisurely one picture per week pace with my inktoberings this year. My weekly seminar lecture seems to help, as it has been somewhat useless so far (for me personally that is). So I doodled another character from that graphic novel project I told about in last week's inktober.

And a closeup of the baby~ 

Let's see if I get something done of Liehu for next week, last time we played I tried and failed to do a proper picture of him and his cats. So hard to draw, that one is...

Thursday, 6 October 2016


I don't have too high hopes on my participation this year, there's just too much things on my agenda. I am drawing, even more than usually, but as I said earlier everything is still a bit secretive.
 You might get some sneak peeks soonish, but now we shall settle on this sketch I did during a very useless lecture  had to attend. It is a character study for a comic project that I have been mulling over for so very, very long. Not the bigbig one, this is a smaller project, one I'd like to do just to get my comic-drawing groove on~

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Sneaky peeky & Lindel Mohan

As I mentioned earlier, my autumn and the works I am crrently busy on are such that I cannot reveal them just yet. Some take more and some take a little less time, but I am sitting on some nice stuff at the moment... Thus, I have become impatient and will share an ultra sneaky sneak peek of one of the things I'm working on:


We've also recently started playing our oldish DnD campaing more regularly, and have been sketching my character the elven sorcerer/druid by the name Lindel Mohan more and more as we play. He is about as cute as a young elf can get, making him a really elusive character for me to capture. These are just some attempts! The cat is his familiar Aya, and nowadays he has some druidic companions too, in the form of a lynx and two kittens; named Kille, Shai & Aurinko respectively.

If Liehu survives you'll see more of him!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Mizane the Librarian

I was casually flipping through and old sketch book and stumbled upon this old sketch, then realising I had never properly scanned and posted it anywhere! So I did, and in the process added some colour to the background which I found to be just a tad too bland for my tastes.

 The magnificent beast in question is Mizane, the offspring of a star crossed romance between a cat who fell in love with an elf. The parents were very happy for a time, but poor Mizane was bullied and hated all over elfdom for his mixed heritage. But with unwavering determination he overcame all who tried to hurt him and became a venerated librarian, finally rising to a position of head librarian in a small, remote side library full of old and valuable tomes.
 He is also just about as outrageous as is his sense of fashion. Truly a wonderful piece of booty! I hope I'll one day be able to do a little comic about him!

ps. I also added it to my Redbubble, since don't we all need a bunch of stuff with cat-elf stripper-librarians on them?

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Shadows Descend

Leaves Fell Like Drops of Blood & Arrival of The Shadow 2016, Mixed Media

Just when I declare that I wouldn’t be able to post any new stuff for nigh rest of the year, I get an unbearable urge…
 This is a part of a story from the end of time, when everything is falling into nothingness.

I also uploaded these to my Redbubble

Thursday, 11 August 2016


As I have many projects underway, and none of them such that I can share with you just yet, I’ll settle with a friendly neighbourhood reminder of my Redbubble shoppe~ I’ve been uploading all my works there as they come along.

So, please have a look, if you will, for I am but a poor artist trying to make their ends meet, in a cruel and a lonely world. Que sad violins.
 Well, I hope I'll have some art to share with you sooner rather than later, but we shall need to see! Some of these projects will take a very long time to finish! <3

Monday, 1 August 2016

Thank you again Ropecon!

 Thank you all who came to see me, it was very nice chatting with all of you! I had a great con over all, even though having a table all alone made it impossible to go see any programs, and there was a ton of interesting stuff going on... Oh well, at least we managed our traditional Saturday-.night rpg after the Vendors' Hall closed!

 I also participated in the artshow this year and won a honorary mention! I'm so grateful to all who voted! The works were very good this year, too!


Friday, 29 July 2016

Ropecon begins today!

 As this is my first time as a "regular seller" in a big convention I decided to step up my game and got an iZettle! We've tested it and it works just fine and dandy! Let's hope it keeps on doing that for the whole weekend.

 So, come and find me in the Myyntisali of Ropecon in Halli 5 today from 15 to 21 tomorrow from 10-18 and on Sunday 10-15! More information of the seller's area ~here~. Ropecon has a ton of cool stuff this year too, so everyone should definitely come! We're going to play some really bad Dungeons and Dragons during the nigh on Saturday so I might be a tad wane on Sunday.

I unfortunately didn't have the time to finish a friend for Laughter, but the pal will be done for the next con, I'm sure! But in the meantime, here's a few closeups of Laughter themself~

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Laughter & Feathers

Laughter; pencil, felt-tip pen, ink, watercolour & Painttool SAI, 2016

 It all started very innocently with me thinking that maybe I should make a few new bookmarks for Ropecon; and ended up with some next level hairporn & feathers of Laughter, a character from that old comic of mine, and who is properly introduced here. I like Laughter lots and lots, they are all shenaningans and games, toying with the rigid rulers of Shindran realms, causing havoc and mayhem here and there (but only to the olden rules, not violence).
I loved inking the feathers, and would like to make a friend for this darling, but let us see if I manage it before Ropecon. But think of peacocks, next.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pictures of July

I am sorry, this blog gets forgotten rather often since it is the only place I can't update from my phone, nor do I get daily notifications about activity there like with Tumblr or Instagram, for example. So if you really want to stay on top of things with my life and art I recommend finding me on some social media platform, links are to the right~
 But I will keep updating this blog too, only a little more irregularly!

 Firstly, I thank all who came to see us in Finncon! We had a great time there and I hope you all had too! I hope Worldcon will have an artists alley too, but I'll be there whether or not there's an alley. The ticket's bought already~

I've also received a blessing of temporary cats for a part of July~ Pilli seems to think I have better uses for my hands than drawing, though. But despite her best efforts at getting me to do what I am supposed to be doing, I've also been drawing! I got this huge inspiration for new shenanigans for Ropecon! I'll keep you posted, so stay alert! Nyehehe 

 Sneaky sneak peek is sneaky~

 An lastly, but most importantly! I have received my part of the art-trade from the wonderful and skillful Mournful Wizard!

Go have a look at it this instant! And if you use tumblr, follow this amazing artist for more exquisite art!

 That's enough form me today, until we meet again

Friday, 1 July 2016


Dinner and a show, 2016, pencil, ink, watercolour and SAI

...I'll change the name when I come up with a better one, but today I'm too exhausted with my broken tumblr, my crashing Sai and my printer that enjoys making everything lined (and my eternal work & school hell-limbo) to come up with something better.
 At least I managed to get a few okay ones out of the machine, so I can promise that at least a few prints of this baby will be available tomorrow in Finncon in their Artists' Alley! Please come say hi to us~
 This is seriously the most gaily coloured lovelie I've ever drawn, makes me a bit confused to even look at it... Let's just say that this is in part a tribute to my patron deity; Slaanesh.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Orgollyn - an art-trade

I was granted an auspicious boon by the amazing artist Mournful Wizard, an art-trade! Me, with such an incredible artist! I am as much overjoyed as I am mortified in my attempt at producing something worthy of their art…

This is their elven necromancer Orgollyn, more of whom you can find out in Mournful Wizard’s  blog on tumblr! Or in the gallery on DeviantArt. Go have a look, and follow them <3

I thank them for this great opportunity and continue to admire their skill and tenacity at this craft.

Here's a tiny close-up too

ps. the other piece is coming along nicely, I'll keep you posted~

pps. Orgollyn will never become a print, so this is only for everyone's enjoyment~

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sneaky wips of sneaky arts

I've had a very productive Midsummer! Which was also my first free day in a while. I'm very hopeful this baby will get done by Finncon.

 And a belated wish for a magical midsummer to all!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Oulun Tyrmä

 Preparations for the Oulu Dungeon-pop up shop are almost done! If you reside in the northern parts of Finland, feel cordially invited to check my stuff out (very cordially). Especially these sticker-bags, quite a lot more sweat and tears went into these as might be apparent from a casual glance.

My new piece is slowly taking form, some wip pictures will come up shortly~

Monday, 13 June 2016

Thank you Desucon!

 Thank you again, Desucon! We had a great time, and our brand new magic cube also stood proudly upright through the whole of Saturday, yay!

 I've begun a new piece, I hope it gets done by Finncon, but I'll keep you lovelies posted~

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Alley of Desucon

Desucon has announced their Artists’ Alley artists! ....But they still didn’t tell anyone’s table number, I’ll inform you lovelies about that as soon as possible. This is the poster I made for their catalogue

 So, next Saturday, the 11th of June you can find me behind a table in Lahti! The Alley has moved to the Dealer’s Den, so don’t try to search for us in the old balcony where we used to be.

 I have a new piece in the works, but unfortunately seems like it will not make it to Desucon. But fear not, Finncon and its proud alley are just behind the corner and I’m sure you’ll find it there, and of course here as soon as it's finished!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Mitral & Summer Schedule

 Those ancient beings that got a hold of my comic all those years ago might recognise this darling~ They are a key player in the story of my comic, and hopefully Mitral will become familiar to many more readers in the future... When I restart that ancient comic of mine.

This was even supposed to be just a sketch, ended up spending three days with it. Sick with flu at that.

 As for my schedule for this summer, it looks magnificently busy!

  • First, I'll be on the artists' alley of Desucon 11th of June, on a Saturday for once!
  •  After that my prints and other products will be available in the Little Shop of Horrors of Oulu Dungeon from the 29th of June to the 8th of July! This will be the northernmost place my stuff has ever been available.
  •  During that same time I will participate in the Finncon artists' alley, from the 2nd to the 3rd of July in Tampere to sell my art!
  •  I've also booked a trader's table at Ropecon, from the 29th to the 31st of July! This will be my 10th consecutive Ropecon attended and I decided to celebraty by seeing how my art will please the congoers, please come and say hi~

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


 I have this beautiful one week of no lectures in between courses, which I will of course use to try and draw something worthwhile. Let's see how it goes.

I also went to see the cherry blossoms of Roihuvuori now that I have all this free time. So, so much free time

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ateneum & update

 I apologise for my silence here in the blog, trying to scrape up the last remaining courses for graduation is time consuming work, I'm afraid. Soon, things will let down a bit and I'll hopefully have time to draw & paint again... Never give up hope!

 Even if things have been rather hectic, I still sneaked out to see the Japanomania exhibition in Ateneum Art Museum the other day~ There was a place for doing water paintings, and the exhibition wasn't half bad either!

Looks like ink, yet it is not.

For alley news I can reveal that I'll be attending the artists' alleys of both Desucon and Finncon! I'll keep you posted on the details and all the new stuff I might conjure up for them~

ps. I'm also helping the arrangement of this year's Taidekuja! Please like the page if you're interested in attending, that way you'll keep yourself informed~

pps. My new works are also available in my Redbubble shop

Everyone needs a corset dragon bag, right?

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Hunger of Danil

 pencil, ink, watercolour & Painttool Sai

 A revisit to the life the tragic Lifewell Danil, whom I introduced earlier here. Here Danil has re-acquired some skill in his former forté shapechanging, but in a rather different way than before.

…And if my printer doesn’t blow up, this darling will be presented as a print at the artists alley of Popcult, Helsinki this weekend.

 Here's a close-up of Danil's lovely face, for I feel it dosn't get the attention it needs in the shrinked version.

Monday, 21 March 2016

A trip to rainbowvomit-land

Time to puke some rainbows~
I made shirt-able version of my sweet, innocent unicorn boy (whom I drew for that colouring booklet), frolicking away without a care in the world. Here to snatch all your hearts <3 With shōjo bubbles.

…And speaking of bubbles, this baby is of course available in my humble Redbubble shoppe~

And a happy little unicorn boy cannot indeed do without a friend, so I also updated my second illustration for the colouring booklet, a crafty karakasa. 

And on a different note; I will be present at the Artists' Alley of Popcult (in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki) on Sunday the 10th April! I will update some picture of possible new goodies I'll have available closer to the date, but for now they will be shrouded in mystery~ 

Friday, 11 March 2016

A Feather

Trying to remember what painting is, a sketch from a future comic project (on which I should be working after I’ve finished all the other things in my queue). Also, I should probably organise my table…