Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Looking back

 First my apologies for the prolonged silence in the blog, school has indeed kept me quite busy in the past few months. But apart from that, I feel like this has been the best art year I've had since I graduated Hyvinkään Taidekoulu! I mean look at all these bootsies:

(From left to right Shura & MaelenerMaelener againMizane, the yet nameless Sorcerer and my lovely Vandir)
I wish to thank everyone who has been a part of my life this year, and I hope next year will also be prosperous to us all!
And I haven't been completely dead artwise, I've had time to doodle up crappy pictures of cat-boys:

Friday, 31 October 2014

Cats and elves. Mixed up

 Very unsurprisingly, once school started properly I've had less and less time for drawing in between all the grammar, kanji and sightseeing. But still, I've managed to ponder upon the physiology of cat-elves on a few occasions. 

...and architecture. 
I suck at perspective, especially freehand perspective, but I sure love traditional Japanese architecture.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


 Pens, markers and brush pens are so ridiculously cheap here in Japan that I can't even. At all.
 Well, I've been drawing and buying tons of them though... My lectures haven't started yet so I've had lot of time for reading manga and then, inspired by the tasty arts, doodle.

 For the last one I used a stock photo by Null-Entity for helpings :3

Thursday, 28 August 2014


It saddens me greatly to admit, that I simply won't be able to finish this new print of mine in time for Tracon, now that I've packed all my art stuff for the move tomorrow... There's just never time for me to draw, moving abroad is surprisingly complicated business :'D
 But yeah, I decided to upload this wip version of the piece so that when I get back I will feel obliged to actually finish it and not just let it slide into oblivion.

 After this my blog might fall silent for a while, but fear not, come spring, I shall also return.

Monday, 25 August 2014

About Tracon

I won't be able to attend Tracon myself due not being in the same continent when it is (I'm a bit bummed, since Tracon has always been loads of fun times... But hey, can't really complain :'D)

 Any way, my darling friends Pihlajatar and Dorian will be attending the artists' alley there and I got permission from the arrangers that I can take preorders from people! They can be collected from Pihlajatar & Dorian's table (number 16) at the con ^^
 So to make clear, nothing of mine will on the table! If you wish to purchase something you need to order it from me beforehand and then come and collect your darlings from their table.

 But yes, what do I have available?

Big prints (ca.A3)

 They cost 8 euros each, packed in cello and sturdy cardboard to keep them safe :3 (you can find bigger pictures of these darlings in the new art section of this blog, for example)

 Small prints ( ca. A4) 

 And these cost 4 euros each, packed into a big envelope also with some cardboard to keep them straight & safe! For bigger pictures, most of these can be found in the old art section of this blog, except for Skincloak (lower right corner), it is in the New Art section. Also Half a Darling, who sits at the top is slightly bigger than an A4 so he comes wrapped in cello and a cardboard packing, won't fit into an C4-envelope...

New small print

 A friend of mine requested this panel from my upcoming (sometime in the brilliant, shining future) graphic novel as a print. Printing only one would cost too much so I decided to make a limited edition of ten hand signed and numbered series of prints of this picture! The cost is 5 euros and the size is exactly A4 with enough white edge to allow for easy framing, for example :3 This one comes with a sturdy cardboard packing and an envelope to keep it safe

Eroguro Stickers~

 Stickers are 1 euro each size is ca. 4,8 x 9,6 cm.


2 euros a piece, they are a bit different in size: Nargwhanal on the left side is ca. 15,5 x 5,5 cm and Hairdressings is 13,5 x 5 cm. Both are laminated and printed on both sides, with a backround of my own suminagashi works~

 I would like to have all inquiries & orders to my email, haltijakapala [å] gmail . com, so I don't get confused and forget someone :'3 The preorder time ends 1.9.2014 since I need to be on a plane after that and I doubt I will be able to read my emails. Also my kind friends need time to prepare their own stuff for the Alley, and I do recommend you go and check their table out too, they are some gifted artists!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Vandir, the Heroic

 I became the editor of a rpg! The game is called Fluxborn and we just published it in DriveThruRPG ! Everyone is most cordially invited to check our game out, any and all feedback will also be greatly appreciated! But first of all, try it out and hopefully have fun with game! 

And this guy here, is my darling Vandir~ 
 He started out as a playtesting one shot character, whom I made into the cheesiest of cheesecakes I could manage. You know a darkly epic, pretty assassin-vampire (not really a vampire) in high heels with a shady past and an amnesia... Needless to say kind of fell in love with him, and I'm not even sorry.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wow, what a Ropecon!

(For the eighth time :'D it's always epic)

My works bathed in gloriously divine light in the exhibition,

Tom helped me win at MtG,

 ....and we rpg'd (almost) till dawn, until everything was a blurry as my skills with them cameras.
 So thank you everyone & all involved <3

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Art Exhibiton & Flash Market in Ropecon!

 Just a quick annoucement, that prints of my works Sorcerer & World Lies in Ashes (with very fancy Finnish names, hehe) will be showcased in this year's Art Exhibition in Ropecon, Dipoli, Espoo!

 I will also attend a Flasmarket there on Friday the 25th from 18.30-21.00, and sell the usual stuff, ie. prints, stickers and bookmarks. So if you're around, feel free to come, fondle the arts and say hi ^-^

 This is going to be a text only post this time, sorry :( I'm having difficulties finding the time to continue my drawing... Working full-time & over-time, plus getting ready for lift off to Japan eats up a lot of my time :'(

Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014

Pre-Finncon doodlings~

I started doodling something again, almost by accident :'D oh well, there's no way I'll be able to finish it before me and Pihlajatar hit Finncon's artists' alley next weekend.... But come say hi anyway, if you happen to be around~

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Japan tiems~

 So I guess it is official that I am going to Japan as an exchange student this autumn, I got the confirmation a few days back. So exciting :'D
 In order to keep this blog dedicated to my artistic stuff I decided to make a separate place to keep people posted on my exchange tiems. I couldn't decide whether to make a tumblr or a blogspot... so I made both :'D Fear not I will endeavour to keep them exactly alike so there won't be any need to follow both. So here they are, woo:

Blogguspottu and tumblor

 Also, this artsy blog will probably suffer from my very potential lack of a scanner and other tools to keep posting, but I will do what I can and try to sketch as much as I can while I'm there!

...And I got a new strike of inspirations suddenly, I'll try to make a new print for Finncon next month! I'll keep you darlings posted <3

Friday, 6 June 2014

The World Lies in Ashes

...Beneath Our Heels

 It's done. I'm relieved. The ones from my dream, I managed to get them out of my head and onto paper.

Pencil, ink, charcoal and Painttool SAI, 2014

Friday, 16 May 2014


I joined this bandwagon :D So, if one feels so inclined these erogurostique stickers can be had on Sunday in Kikucon's Artists' Alley in Turku! I will also have them available in my webshop sometime next week, so they will be available globally ^^

(now I just need to cut them in time... and all the prints too...)

Saturday, 10 May 2014


This darling came to me in a dream~ Well, to be honest there were actually two of these babes in my dream, doing all sorts of nasty, lovely things two scantily clad dark elves could do! If it is in my power you will also meet the other one from my dreams, since, I've had this incredible urge to draw them together ever since that dream. But this time only the other one came out....

 Also my thing with guys in boots is getting way out of hand :D Just wait until you see the other drawing I have waiting to be revealed~

Also² this is my sad, sad dirge to Warhammer (Online)'s Dark Elven Sorcerers, since... If they would've had these kinds of outfits I would have just thrown all my money at them and never would've stopped playing!

Friday, 25 April 2014


...I have something quite nice just... sitting on my desk almost finished, because I can't show it yet ;___; instead I'll show you my pens, haha... :'D
 But just you wait, it is going to be something cool! (Just look at those boots ;3)

 Also, me and Pihlajatar got a table from the Artists' Alley of Finncon Jyväskylä in July! Yay! everyone is most welcome to come and say hi~

Saturday, 15 March 2014


  School has been eating up my time like no other once again, so I've had way too little time to draw for months now... But I do think things will get better from now on and I'll finally have time to doodle up some schemes I've been having in my head for way too long~
 In the meantime, have a little doodle I did yesterday when I got reunited with my cheesiest role-playing character creation of my whole role-playing career (Malair doesn't come even close!)

Ps. Me and Pihlajatar got a table from Kikucon's Artists' Alley in Turku (18.5.2014), so if you're there please come say hi ^^ Plus I will of course be updating upon new prints & such closer to the event~

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Abstract experiment

This being revamp of an old experimental abstract comic I made for a graphic storytelling course.
 I'm still not sure if this a disgusting act of cultural imperialism from my part or a step into the unknown possibilities of kanji-abstract-comics :'D

 How does this make you feel (I have a real urge to hear how this makes people feel :'D)? And has anyone seen something alike before? I tried to search for comics that use kanji as a form of visual expression with little luck...

It is based on Japanese, btw, which is kind of not the best way of doing this, since Chinese language consists only of kanji without the okuriganas (ie. hiragana & katakana in-between the kanji), but unfortunately I haven't been able to study Chinese just yet. So Japanese has to do for now...

 Oh yeah, due to pressure from a lovely friend I also made a facebook page :'D Feel free to like it and follow me there too~

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


 Here it is, all done!
 The print will be available for buyings in Yukicon, Espoo, next weekend. I also opened a webshop for my prints, where one can see and purchase my print anywhere in the world, you are most welcome to have a look here:

 There's also a contest going on in tumblr to celebrate this fine ocassion , but one does not indeed need to have an account in tumblr to participate; I also accept entries via email! So in order to enter just send me an email to to let me know (no need to give me your address or anything else just yet, only after you've won :3)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sorcerer Wip

 Doodling something new for a change, and being the impatient little twat that I am, I couldn't help but to post a little wip picture...

 Trying really hard to get this done by Yukicon!

(Vandir is not done yet, I'll finish him after my friends finish their game ;'>)