Sunday, 30 June 2013

Stuff for Finncon

I thought I might give a recap of the older stuff that I still have left, now that I am reborn and all~

Bookmarks~ Still a few left 

Big prints:

...And a few small prints too~

 And the new print, it is almost done! I'll post a picture of it as soon as I've made a few test prints etc. and I'm happy with the results~ 

Ps. Me, Pihlajatar and Teriame got a table at Tracon's Artist's Alley! See you there~ 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


And welcome to my new blog! Yesh, I am the guy also known as Luciferal, but as years have passed I have felt less and less like Luciferal and more and more like Haltijakäpälä, so I decided to switch my name. I hope it is not too confusing to anyone~

 But yush, here you'll find my doodles and sketches and paintings and whatnot. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, in the comments or straight by email: haltijakapala [ä]

 ...And after my spring of slaving over my graphic novel (still not done, I assure you all), I decided to draw something else for a change:

 I'm trying really hard to get this darling ready in time for me to make prints of it to sell at Finncon

PS. I also decided to keep my old blog as it is, so if you're interested in history, feel free to explore (only in Finnish though):

PPS. There's also old art of mine to be found on the 'Old Art' -page