Friday, 20 February 2015

Yet another draconian doodle

Yet another character from the world of That Comic I Used to Draw. Keeper of the Cold Light, Hawkslayer, Spearstealer and quite the troublemaker. And before anyone thinks my story is about darkness fighting with light, I can assure you these guys never even met. Six Spears is from the ancient past, and Lightless Flame is from the present.

 He is also of the more Draconian kind of my faerieish species of critters that inhabit the world. I could ramble endlessly about the nature of my creatures but I doubt it would interest anyone... I'm just happy to have returned home~

Might continue the picture later, if I have time, now my paw hurts too much.
Also: I used this stock photo to get going

Ps. I decided to add a close-up since I suddenly had some freetime tonight, and I used it for tweakings:

Sunday, 8 February 2015

School's Out!

Oh look! I post art for a change :0
 School kept me busy. Now it is over, so I will hopefully draw every now and again. This was supposed to be just a test for the extra tasty silver-colour I bought from Nara (in the upper right corner), but things got out of hand.
 This baby is a character from that comic I used to draw, haven't drawn him in years... I missed you so, Keeper of The Lightless Flame, Sleeper in the Dark and Lord of All Things Black Metal. But fear not friends, even if I'd start drawing the comic again today and would draw a page per week it would still take me ten years to get anywhere near this darling -____-