Sunday, 22 December 2013

Something old for a change

 Old but before unseen! In the internets at least, this was actually a part of an exhibition our comics' course arranged about a year ago... But anyway, this is an assignment from that course, we had to write two 3 versions of the same script with minor alterations, one we drew ourselves and the other was given to some one else. It was really fun and interesting assigment!
 And here's a short comic written by the wonderfully talented Viivi, and doodled by me! 

I'd love to share the one I wrote and drew myself, but it's crap, fantastically badly drawn :'D But Viivi drew her version of my script, and I've been told that a sampling of that story might come up on her webpage some time in the near future~ So go there, one and all, Viivi is also currently drawing a very interesting graphic novel about working in an mental institution, so keep your pretty heads up for that too ^-^

PS. Me and my lovely partner in crime Pihlajatar got a table from the Artists' Alley in Yukicon,  on Saturday to be exact, so see you there too! I'm scheming up new shenanigans for that event too~ 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Sick boys

 All the reading I have to do for school has made me ah-so desperate to draw again, so I decided to try and start doing regular sketches (at least somewhat regular, it's me after all...). And they are supposed to be quick too, this wasn't, took me a couple of more hours than I should had time for anything tonight but hey~ 

There's something nagging in the back of my skull wanting to get out... These sick boys, there's so many of them but they are yet to be born, properly born. I'm not entirely happy with this first try either, but there's nothing to it, I just have to keep on trudging along until they come out right.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cleaning and Sketching

 I really should clean my desk more often... I found a few leftover prints of these two images:

...That I thought I had already sold out, oops :'D But hey, I'll sell them at Taidekuja, at a discount! I want to get rid of them! And Since I'm doing this sort of cleaning, I'll also sell my last old comics too, so come and grab them until they are no more!

 And so that this post won't become a dreary recycling of old pictures of mine, here a crappy doodle I scribbled today at a lecture~

 (the theme was actually otaku sexuality and shota, among other things. Highly interesting, so I did listen while doodling, mind you!)

Monday, 4 November 2013


 Eugh, school is killing me etc.
 But today, instead of reading and then reading some more I decided to doodle, it was a good decision. Slow as I am, nothing is even close to being finished. Nevertheless I wanted to share a sneaky peek screenshot of the stuff I've been doodling today~

 Meet Vandir! He is a rpg character of mine and a shameless mish-mash of all the cliches I love! I'll tell more of him when I finish the doodle ^^

Friday, 18 October 2013

Official Poster for our Taidekuja table

 It's so beautiful <3 
The table will consist of Pihlajatar (left), Dorian (center) and me!

Dorian also made this lovely poster for us ^-^ So come one and come all to Taidekuja 17.11.2013 in Gloria, there will be us, and a whole bunch of amazing artists, plus workshops and other programmes~ (though the details will be clarified closer to the actual event~)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


My dear friend and amazingly gifted artist Dorian made a fan art piece of my darling red demony-mystery-person from my comics (and several paintings). It is the most incredible piece of art this humble Käpälä has ever seen!
 And even better, it is also a print! I'll give you a sneaky peek, but in order to see it in all its glory on must come to our dazzling table at Taidekuja 17.11.2013~

 Believe me, it is so much more beautiful in real life than this little picture can communicate ^^

Friday, 27 September 2013

Graphic Novel update!

 (at last...)
  The project lives! I decided to revamp quite a lot of stuff, and I want to make this one good (unlike the others)... So this will take a lot of time to finish. I am already sorry about it. But I will do my very best and try my very hardest.
 So, I'll give you a preview of one of the panels~

Before paintings~

 And after some paintings~

 ...And I'll try to make an update about the progress every no and again, so I can't get lazy...

Ps. Taidekuja is real close! See you there!

Sunday, 8 September 2013


It's finished! Now I just need to get them babies printed in time for Tracon~

  He is very heavily inspired by Changeling, which the greatest pen & paper roleplaying game ever created (imho). I've been playing it with my friends for a bit over a year and I've seriously never fallen so much in love with a setting in my life, everyone check it out!

 I love it so that I'll share a sketch I made of my character too~ Here's Minnow, my darling, a bit like a girl version of Gollum, but only a bit

Saturday, 17 August 2013

New stuff

  I finally dared to paint again after a really long time, and now I remember why I haven't painted properly for so long. It's so stressful...
 But yah, here's a sneaky peek of my new painting, which I'm trying to finish in time for Tracon~

 And speaking of Tracon, me Teriame and Pihlajatar will be situated in table number 14! Everyone is cordially invited to come and say hi to us~

Saturday, 10 August 2013


 Just making some character cheat sheets for reference while drawing (everyone needs more than one outfit after all~). I know it is dreadfully elaborate, but I need it to be to be happy... So please give me time with this graphic novel, I want it to be perfect

(And I still can't believe I haven't formally introduced this one in my graphic novelities, it feels like it's been so long already...)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thank you Finncon

I had a blast :D Thank you everyone who visited the event and our table, I had so much fun talking with you all!

Hope to see you all at Tracon in September!

Ps. We also got a table from the new Taidekuja-event that will be held in Gloria on the 17th of November, so see you guys there too~

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


...And suddenly it was finished. I'm still a bit amazed how quickly it came together in the end. 

But anyways, here's my newest big print, to be sold at Finncon next weekend. So, you're all very welcome to come and check mine and Pihlajatar's table out ~

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Stuff for Finncon

I thought I might give a recap of the older stuff that I still have left, now that I am reborn and all~

Bookmarks~ Still a few left 

Big prints:

...And a few small prints too~

 And the new print, it is almost done! I'll post a picture of it as soon as I've made a few test prints etc. and I'm happy with the results~ 

Ps. Me, Pihlajatar and Teriame got a table at Tracon's Artist's Alley! See you there~ 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


And welcome to my new blog! Yesh, I am the guy also known as Luciferal, but as years have passed I have felt less and less like Luciferal and more and more like Haltijakäpälä, so I decided to switch my name. I hope it is not too confusing to anyone~

 But yush, here you'll find my doodles and sketches and paintings and whatnot. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, in the comments or straight by email: haltijakapala [ä]

 ...And after my spring of slaving over my graphic novel (still not done, I assure you all), I decided to draw something else for a change:

 I'm trying really hard to get this darling ready in time for me to make prints of it to sell at Finncon

PS. I also decided to keep my old blog as it is, so if you're interested in history, feel free to explore (only in Finnish though):

PPS. There's also old art of mine to be found on the 'Old Art' -page