Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hold on

pencil, ink & Sai; 2015

 It is easy to lose your friend in the eternal darkness of the abyssal zone of the oceans. Makes me a bit cold and lonely just looking at this piece now...

 This is going to be a print, and a big one if I can help it. This is the biggest thing I've done in years.

ps. I'll send stickers to the one who recognises the sea creatures these darlings are based upon ^^

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Laughter in the Dark

If there is one thing I like about being back it is my paints, brushes, inks, my scanner, tablet and my computer~  Now I’ll slowly scan and post my other sketches, so look forward to that! I had to make Laughter a digitally composed background due to some non-waterproof pens.

And I should probably start sketching characters that are going to show up in less than maybe 200 pages into the story….