Saturday, 13 August 2016

Shadows Descend

Leaves Fell Like Drops of Blood & Arrival of The Shadow 2016, Mixed Media

Just when I declare that I wouldn’t be able to post any new stuff for nigh rest of the year, I get an unbearable urge…
 This is a part of a story from the end of time, when everything is falling into nothingness.

I also uploaded these to my Redbubble

Thursday, 11 August 2016


As I have many projects underway, and none of them such that I can share with you just yet, I’ll settle with a friendly neighbourhood reminder of my Redbubble shoppe~ I’ve been uploading all my works there as they come along.

So, please have a look, if you will, for I am but a poor artist trying to make their ends meet, in a cruel and a lonely world. Que sad violins.
 Well, I hope I'll have some art to share with you sooner rather than later, but we shall need to see! Some of these projects will take a very long time to finish! <3

Monday, 1 August 2016

Thank you again Ropecon!

 Thank you all who came to see me, it was very nice chatting with all of you! I had a great con over all, even though having a table all alone made it impossible to go see any programs, and there was a ton of interesting stuff going on... Oh well, at least we managed our traditional Saturday-.night rpg after the Vendors' Hall closed!

 I also participated in the artshow this year and won a honorary mention! I'm so grateful to all who voted! The works were very good this year, too!