Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Inktober Liehu!

We had a game last Sunday so have an inktobery Liehu with his valiant lynx Kille, and with loyal Aya and the kittens to the side <3 Liehu is a tiny elf and Kille is about as big as lynxes can get, which hopefully explains the lack of size difference.
Kille is supposed to be an approximation of an Iberian lynx, they are epic; and very endangered :’< You can read more about the for example here!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The evolution of the glove

This week I haven't had that much luck with my inktobers, I've doodled, but nothing is satisfactory; luckily there are other things on my agenda, too! Like the progress of this mystical glove I've been slowly working on:

Soo, hopefully very soon, I can finally reveal this baby in all their magnificent glory! I've tried my utmost to keep all of the picture as glimmery as this glove; the glove of gloves!

ps. I hope everyone remembers Taidekuja, that I'm arranging? Time is drawing near, and soon we will start to unveil our sellers and programkeepers; follow us on facebook for example to keep yourself in the know~ 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Inktober vol. 2

 I've seemingly settled on a leisurely one picture per week pace with my inktoberings this year. My weekly seminar lecture seems to help, as it has been somewhat useless so far (for me personally that is). So I doodled another character from that graphic novel project I told about in last week's inktober.

And a closeup of the baby~ 

Let's see if I get something done of Liehu for next week, last time we played I tried and failed to do a proper picture of him and his cats. So hard to draw, that one is...

Thursday, 6 October 2016


I don't have too high hopes on my participation this year, there's just too much things on my agenda. I am drawing, even more than usually, but as I said earlier everything is still a bit secretive.
 You might get some sneak peeks soonish, but now we shall settle on this sketch I did during a very useless lecture  had to attend. It is a character study for a comic project that I have been mulling over for so very, very long. Not the bigbig one, this is a smaller project, one I'd like to do just to get my comic-drawing groove on~

Wish me luck!