Friday, 26 February 2016

The Colouring Booklet

Cover by Nameless Ghoul

The much sneak peeked project is finally ready to be unveiled! A joint project of seven artists brings you the most Fantastic Colouring Booklet you’ll ever find~ 24 pages of fantastical beings and their humanized counterparts eager to receive some tender love and colouring, by you

The Unicorns by Pihlajatar & yours truly

Come and get yours on the artists’ alley at Yukicon this weekend! Me and Pihlajatar will be on the table number 4 on Sunday! I will re-open my StorEnvy soon so that all you international lovelies might also get one, if you feel so inclined~~

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Yukicon 2016

 Just a quick note to remind you all lovelies that I will be at the Artists' Alley of Yukicon (in Helsinki) next weekend on Sunday 10-16! There are different artists each day. So please come and say hi~ I'll be sharing my table with the lovely Pihlajatar as always.

 Hopefully we will also have something new and cool up for sale there, but it is in the hands of our print shop now... I will properly announce our secret project as soon as the goodies arrive to my lair~ Here's a super mysterious sneak peek~

 I also went on a trip to London few weeks back, which in part is the reason for the long silence here. Have a few nice pictures of trees as an apology!