Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Back to Finland doodle

Two weeks of intensive reading of nothing but academic books seems to have affected my ability to draw, I doodle furiously for almost five hours on Sunday while we roleplayed, and this is all I managed to produce in the end... Oh well... He is an ancient character of mine, that popped back to surface when I saw some pictures that reminded me of him.
 I need to focus heavily on my thesis for the next two months, so there will be less new art coming your way unfortunately. I am thinking of making these coming months a time for Blasts from the past, and share some older stuff that no one remembers anymore!

 Also, me and my partners in crime Rikkis & Pihlajatar will be at Tampere Kuplii next month! More info closer to the event, but look forward to that at least ^-^

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Hello from Copenhagen and an announcement!

  First, a few pictures of my extra-exciting adventures here in the Capitol of Denmark! I have to say, this is a very lovely city. First a few pics from the Botanic Garden:

 Some islamic book illumination, absolutely exquisite.

My new love, the biggest clam in the world. I love it.

Pretty houses all around!

And then a piece that finished just before I left to Denmark and am now able to reveal! I painted a Finnish nature spirit, Metsähinen for an joint exhibition in Nagoya, Japan and Valkeakoski, Finland! More info can be found HERE

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Thank you Å-fest!

Thank you everyone who visited our huge table, and a special thanks to the arrangers! Å-Fest surprised me with its warm atmosphere and good times! Porvoo is such a nice place ^^

 Tomorrow I fly to Denmark for two weeks so this blog will probably tone done very much for that time, but I will probably post some pictures of my trip to my other social media accounts, like Instagram. So follow me there if you haven't already ;D

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Å-Fest and some really old art

Visited home last weekend, and there I have all of my old, old art school paintings and such stored. There I painted a lot of things but my favorite is a narrative pentatych 140cm high and 160 cm wide when opened. It is hands on the biggest piece I’ve ever done! This is a detail of the biggest, central piece.
I made it in the vein of medieval altarpieces, with doors and all. It tells the tale of my main char for life Mitral 💖

ALSO! I'll be in Å-Fest this weekend! It is a small comic festival in Porvoo! So, if you happen to be around there, do come say hi ^^

Thursday, 1 February 2018

The Awaiting

Sometimes I've got to paint instead of write the thesis. I really like this one. It is also in my Redbubble, like everything else :D