Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Back to Finland doodle

Two weeks of intensive reading of nothing but academic books seems to have affected my ability to draw, I doodle furiously for almost five hours on Sunday while we roleplayed, and this is all I managed to produce in the end... Oh well... He is an ancient character of mine, that popped back to surface when I saw some pictures that reminded me of him.
 I need to focus heavily on my thesis for the next two months, so there will be less new art coming your way unfortunately. I am thinking of making these coming months a time for Blasts from the past, and share some older stuff that no one remembers anymore!

 Also, me and my partners in crime Rikkis & Pihlajatar will be at Tampere Kuplii next month! More info closer to the event, but look forward to that at least ^-^

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