Thursday, 1 March 2018

Flashback March volume 1

I decided to make March a flashback month to protect my sanity in the throes of my thesis (= not really having time for art, which will lead to a neglect of social media accounts which leads to stressssss). So I will share some old stuff of mine and maybe talk about them pieces a little too. It will also get me in a nice comic mood.

 Here’s a piece I painted for my very first solo exhibition, it is the last piece I painted and the only one I still find tolerable. The exhibition was an account of different families of elder elvenkind inhabiting a forested realm beyond the tallest mountains you’ll ever see, in the world of my comic. While the realm itself plays a very small part in the first arcs of the entire story, this particular critter in the middle might actually have a role in the early comic ;D

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