Thursday, 21 June 2018

Sirithyvin in the works

Here’s a few wips of my current drawing of Sirithyvin having a such a good time. They all do.
Sirithyvin is also a character in that comic I’m working on, but we won’t meet poor Siri for a good while yet.
Ad a bonus helper cat, who is not Homer even if a lot of people thought he was, it is yet another cat I've been taking care of! If there's one thing I'll never run out of it is cats. 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Even more rpg doodles!

My jackdaw bard Kurama thunderwaved four hobnoblins off a cliff last time we played some dnd; and that was not even one quarter of the shenanigans he & bros got into. Huhhuh. So much happened… Like how this murderburd got shot to hell by a hognoblin mage, who was promptly murdered by Dr. Mlemmiwinks, Lord Hissington and Thia the non-beastly elf.
I’m also actually working on an actual piece but the reason for my hindrance can be found in the second picture xD
 I’ll mayhaps have a sneak peek by the end of the week…

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Shiranui's Quest for Dog continued

Now for some visual evidence that I did go outside during the weekend.

AND bonus doodle of my Shiranui’s epic quest for dog in our Rogue Trader game (no one probably remembers that anymore xD).
My brave eldar corsair set his sights on a huge spes dog last time we played and this time he finally got within petting distance. Turns out the doge is made of slime and has psychic powers.
Super. Fucking. Not. Okay.