Thursday, 20 February 2014

Abstract experiment

This being revamp of an old experimental abstract comic I made for a graphic storytelling course.
 I'm still not sure if this a disgusting act of cultural imperialism from my part or a step into the unknown possibilities of kanji-abstract-comics :'D

 How does this make you feel (I have a real urge to hear how this makes people feel :'D)? And has anyone seen something alike before? I tried to search for comics that use kanji as a form of visual expression with little luck...

It is based on Japanese, btw, which is kind of not the best way of doing this, since Chinese language consists only of kanji without the okuriganas (ie. hiragana & katakana in-between the kanji), but unfortunately I haven't been able to study Chinese just yet. So Japanese has to do for now...

 Oh yeah, due to pressure from a lovely friend I also made a facebook page :'D Feel free to like it and follow me there too~