Monday, 30 November 2015


I'm doing a presentation on Amano Yoshitaka for Japanese class, but researching his art just makes me want to draw so bad... And draw I did. (I just hope my doodles would suffice as the presentation...)

So, have a very sketchy ode to Amano in the form of Shiranui of draconian descent (not all that distantly related to Varaith)  seducing an ancestor of Nargwhanal, Thiervain, in the somewhat ancient past of my world.

It ended badly, it always does.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Visions of Endless Pasts

In the wandering of lifeless dust, within a hidden world of red, Blood God dreamt, of things forever lost, stolen futures and annihilated ends. Will anything remain before the wind?

Done in ink & secrets
More here

And I also made my very first t-shirt design (as in a drawing I've only meant to be a t-shirt... and not a piece of art)!

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Suddenly I had a bit of freetime in my hands and I finally set up my Society6 shop. And yes, I know I already have a shop in Redbubble, but these All over print shirts are just too nice to pass up:

I have new paintings comicg up as soon as I have time to sit and paint! I'll keep you all lovelies posted~  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Some Original Characters

 This time separately and properly scanned for better quality~ I chose the ones that I liked best, please enjoy!

The now extinct Danil, done in watercolour

The undead Sirithyvin, done in ink

My darling Mitral dressed in something preposterous, done with copics

And Varaith the Magnificent descendant of dragons, done in ink

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Last batch of October original characters

 This time mostly rpg characters; my assassin Severan from Dark Heresy 2 (also known as Not-Kanda) in the upper left corner; Minnow from Changeling the Lost is in the upper right one and below her my utterly stupid and just as cute elven sorcerer Liehu from DnD 3rd Edition game of epic level derpiness. I think it will suffice to say that our party has three rogues and not one frontline fighter and I've never had a s much fun playing DnD in my life
 The baby in the middle is a mixed blood descendant of dragon & shindrans and all magnificence from my comic and the last one is little Illathain a special someone wanted to create into my comic's world, and so we did.

 And so this ends, whew, I never imagined I'd be able to doodle so many sketches! And now I need to return to my normal drudgery, art books don't draw themselves...