Monday, 12 March 2018

Rpg doodles

The adventures of the amazing spes elf ace pilot-pirate (a.k.a. Eldar Corsair) Shiranui Chitaira vol 1 / XX

So we had a game of Rogue Trader (WH40k) last night :D our team kinda started shooting blindly in a crowd and everyone but sneaky Shiranui were apprehended by the authorities, and put into jail. And what does our brave bravado do while the captain of the ship he is on, not to mention the man who kind of saved his life during the battle, are imprisoned? He goes to have a cup of coffee with his two eldar pals (tried to draw that one too, but scifi armour... and perspective...), and MORE IMPORTANTLY he met a dog. The cutest, tablesiziest mutt any spes station has ever seen. He wants the dog. But it ran away ;____;

So anyway, I’m trying to make it into a habit to draw comics of my stupid rpg characters and the stupider shit the idiots end up doing :3

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