Sunday, 4 September 2016

Mizane the Librarian

I was casually flipping through and old sketch book and stumbled upon this old sketch, then realising I had never properly scanned and posted it anywhere! So I did, and in the process added some colour to the background which I found to be just a tad too bland for my tastes.

 The magnificent beast in question is Mizane, the offspring of a star crossed romance between a cat who fell in love with an elf. The parents were very happy for a time, but poor Mizane was bullied and hated all over elfdom for his mixed heritage. But with unwavering determination he overcame all who tried to hurt him and became a venerated librarian, finally rising to a position of head librarian in a small, remote side library full of old and valuable tomes.
 He is also just about as outrageous as is his sense of fashion. Truly a wonderful piece of booty! I hope I'll one day be able to do a little comic about him!

ps. I also added it to my Redbubble, since don't we all need a bunch of stuff with cat-elf stripper-librarians on them?

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