Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Sneaky peeky & Lindel Mohan

As I mentioned earlier, my autumn and the works I am crrently busy on are such that I cannot reveal them just yet. Some take more and some take a little less time, but I am sitting on some nice stuff at the moment... Thus, I have become impatient and will share an ultra sneaky sneak peek of one of the things I'm working on:


We've also recently started playing our oldish DnD campaing more regularly, and have been sketching my character the elven sorcerer/druid by the name Lindel Mohan more and more as we play. He is about as cute as a young elf can get, making him a really elusive character for me to capture. These are just some attempts! The cat is his familiar Aya, and nowadays he has some druidic companions too, in the form of a lynx and two kittens; named Kille, Shai & Aurinko respectively.

If Liehu survives you'll see more of him!

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