Monday, 19 December 2016

Rpg doodles

Silly little rpg doodle of my character Liehu (sorcerer-druid with cat on the left) and his one and only, much beloved brother Kieran (rogue-ranger aka foopad on the right), they and our game is the best and stupidest game I’ve ever played <3 

Liehu likes cats (of which he currently has four, one being a lynx), nature, billowing floral dresses and his brother. Kieran likes black leather, hating undead (a source of a few of his facial scars, of which he has many), angst and his brother. He hates the cats, though, for they eat all of his food and sleep on top of him.

And another 5 minute Kieran, because why not! I really need to make a proper reference sheet of Liehu, and many other of my characters too...

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