Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pictures of July

I am sorry, this blog gets forgotten rather often since it is the only place I can't update from my phone, nor do I get daily notifications about activity there like with Tumblr or Instagram, for example. So if you really want to stay on top of things with my life and art I recommend finding me on some social media platform, links are to the right~
 But I will keep updating this blog too, only a little more irregularly!

 Firstly, I thank all who came to see us in Finncon! We had a great time there and I hope you all had too! I hope Worldcon will have an artists alley too, but I'll be there whether or not there's an alley. The ticket's bought already~

I've also received a blessing of temporary cats for a part of July~ Pilli seems to think I have better uses for my hands than drawing, though. But despite her best efforts at getting me to do what I am supposed to be doing, I've also been drawing! I got this huge inspiration for new shenanigans for Ropecon! I'll keep you posted, so stay alert! Nyehehe 

 Sneaky sneak peek is sneaky~

 An lastly, but most importantly! I have received my part of the art-trade from the wonderful and skillful Mournful Wizard!

Go have a look at it this instant! And if you use tumblr, follow this amazing artist for more exquisite art!

 That's enough form me today, until we meet again

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