Friday, 1 July 2016


Dinner and a show, 2016, pencil, ink, watercolour and SAI

...I'll change the name when I come up with a better one, but today I'm too exhausted with my broken tumblr, my crashing Sai and my printer that enjoys making everything lined (and my eternal work & school hell-limbo) to come up with something better.
 At least I managed to get a few okay ones out of the machine, so I can promise that at least a few prints of this baby will be available tomorrow in Finncon in their Artists' Alley! Please come say hi to us~
 This is seriously the most gaily coloured lovelie I've ever drawn, makes me a bit confused to even look at it... Let's just say that this is in part a tribute to my patron deity; Slaanesh.

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