Friday, 29 July 2016

Ropecon begins today!

 As this is my first time as a "regular seller" in a big convention I decided to step up my game and got an iZettle! We've tested it and it works just fine and dandy! Let's hope it keeps on doing that for the whole weekend.

 So, come and find me in the Myyntisali of Ropecon in Halli 5 today from 15 to 21 tomorrow from 10-18 and on Sunday 10-15! More information of the seller's area ~here~. Ropecon has a ton of cool stuff this year too, so everyone should definitely come! We're going to play some really bad Dungeons and Dragons during the nigh on Saturday so I might be a tad wane on Sunday.

I unfortunately didn't have the time to finish a friend for Laughter, but the pal will be done for the next con, I'm sure! But in the meantime, here's a few closeups of Laughter themself~

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