Sunday, 17 July 2016

Laughter & Feathers

Laughter; pencil, felt-tip pen, ink, watercolour & Painttool SAI, 2016

 It all started very innocently with me thinking that maybe I should make a few new bookmarks for Ropecon; and ended up with some next level hairporn & feathers of Laughter, a character from that old comic of mine, and who is properly introduced here. I like Laughter lots and lots, they are all shenaningans and games, toying with the rigid rulers of Shindran realms, causing havoc and mayhem here and there (but only to the olden rules, not violence).
I loved inking the feathers, and would like to make a friend for this darling, but let us see if I manage it before Ropecon. But think of peacocks, next.

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