Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Orgollyn - an art-trade

I was granted an auspicious boon by the amazing artist Mournful Wizard, an art-trade! Me, with such an incredible artist! I am as much overjoyed as I am mortified in my attempt at producing something worthy of their art…

This is their elven necromancer Orgollyn, more of whom you can find out in Mournful Wizard’s  blog on tumblr! Or in the gallery on DeviantArt. Go have a look, and follow them <3

I thank them for this great opportunity and continue to admire their skill and tenacity at this craft.

Here's a tiny close-up too

ps. the other piece is coming along nicely, I'll keep you posted~

pps. Orgollyn will never become a print, so this is only for everyone's enjoyment~

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