Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ninavel the Ever Radiant

Ninavel the Ever Radiant, 2016, Pencil, ink & Photoshop

Ninavel is one of the major npcs of a campaign of Storium I’ve been running for a few years and occasionally mentioned here too. Eternally benevolent, immensely powerful and shrouded in mystery they seemingly run a secret society bent on regaining old secrets, studying the mysteries of the chaotically multi-dimensional world that is their setting; and having rad parties.

 This thing is huge and I’m still not sure I did all that is Ninavel justice… This picture also forms a diptych together with Laughter, even if they are creatures of different worlds… Maybe. 

Anyway, here's a few close ups too since the original is so damnably big!

 I’ve planned a sibling set of diptychs for these feathery ones, but we shall see when and if I have time to get those done.

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