Monday, 21 March 2016

A trip to rainbowvomit-land

Time to puke some rainbows~
I made shirt-able version of my sweet, innocent unicorn boy (whom I drew for that colouring booklet), frolicking away without a care in the world. Here to snatch all your hearts <3 With shōjo bubbles.

…And speaking of bubbles, this baby is of course available in my humble Redbubble shoppe~

And a happy little unicorn boy cannot indeed do without a friend, so I also updated my second illustration for the colouring booklet, a crafty karakasa. 

And on a different note; I will be present at the Artists' Alley of Popcult (in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki) on Sunday the 10th April! I will update some picture of possible new goodies I'll have available closer to the date, but for now they will be shrouded in mystery~ 

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