Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ateneum & update

 I apologise for my silence here in the blog, trying to scrape up the last remaining courses for graduation is time consuming work, I'm afraid. Soon, things will let down a bit and I'll hopefully have time to draw & paint again... Never give up hope!

 Even if things have been rather hectic, I still sneaked out to see the Japanomania exhibition in Ateneum Art Museum the other day~ There was a place for doing water paintings, and the exhibition wasn't half bad either!

Looks like ink, yet it is not.

For alley news I can reveal that I'll be attending the artists' alleys of both Desucon and Finncon! I'll keep you posted on the details and all the new stuff I might conjure up for them~

ps. I'm also helping the arrangement of this year's Taidekuja! Please like the page if you're interested in attending, that way you'll keep yourself informed~

pps. My new works are also available in my Redbubble shop

Everyone needs a corset dragon bag, right?

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