Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Elric of Melniboné

A mermified Elric of Melniboné for Marriakhan over in Tumblr​ as my part of the mini art-trade for Mermay :D He is very confused about the situation and about how to use Stormbringer underwater.

I’ve coincidentally been re-reading a bit of the good old Elric books and gushing over him as he is ...just a lot of things that I really, really like; e.g. broody, cruel, skinny, pale and with a big fucking sword of Chaos. And did think I’d like to do a tiny bit of fan art of him, and now I got the opportunity! Elric is also the reason I know Marriakhan since we "met" when I commented on an Elric fan art piece of theirs many, many years ago...

Marriakhan drew my derptastic elven sorcerer-druid Liehu, as a beautiful perfect little mer-elf!

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