Monday, 15 May 2017

Severan and Ananthe

Severan and Ananthe, 2017, Pencil, ink and Painttool SAI

This was supposed to be just a sketch! I got a bit too excited.

 I think both Severan’s and Ananthe’s clothes are a bit too fancy in this, Severan is just a murder-hobo crawling in the dark & murk of the City and Ananthe, while much more regal is just a pretty well to do healer, not a king or anything… His favorite pastime is embroidery, though, so he’s decorated those robes himself. Severan’s favorite pastimes include getting on Ananthe’s nerves, eating people and making bad life choices.

We also need close-ups, here we have Severan.

And here Ananthe.

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