Thursday, 4 May 2017

Black Flame

Black Flame (detail), watercolour, ink, felt tip pen and acrylic, 2017

I finally finished this commission, took me only almost a year to finish. I feel so bad, even though the commissioner only wanted me to paint a dragon I managed to make it into a huge problem by trying to depict one of my oldest characters of draconian blood. I guess it is the freedom that made me keel over, I wanted to make something that looks like what I’d do… I did five tries, this is the last and I’m still not happy with it.

 Anyways, Black Flame, a character from that ye olde comic of mine that I always talk about, but a character that wouldn’t be in it for a good while even if I did actually start drawing it again from the start. But a crafty one this is, and I love them to bits; slumbering behemoth, keeper of the lightless flame and lord of all things black metal, because every comic needs a black metal dragon, right?

Want to commission me? My suggestion is don’t :’D I’m incredibly slow, therefore expensive and to top the slowness I get creative crisises, apparently. But do drop me a message if you’re interested in hearing me apologise for about a year ;>

ps. only two weeks left until Stockholm international comics festival! so exciting!

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