Monday, 25 August 2014

About Tracon

I won't be able to attend Tracon myself due not being in the same continent when it is (I'm a bit bummed, since Tracon has always been loads of fun times... But hey, can't really complain :'D)

 Any way, my darling friends Pihlajatar and Dorian will be attending the artists' alley there and I got permission from the arrangers that I can take preorders from people! They can be collected from Pihlajatar & Dorian's table (number 16) at the con ^^
 So to make clear, nothing of mine will on the table! If you wish to purchase something you need to order it from me beforehand and then come and collect your darlings from their table.

 But yes, what do I have available?

Big prints (ca.A3)

 They cost 8 euros each, packed in cello and sturdy cardboard to keep them safe :3 (you can find bigger pictures of these darlings in the new art section of this blog, for example)

 Small prints ( ca. A4) 

 And these cost 4 euros each, packed into a big envelope also with some cardboard to keep them straight & safe! For bigger pictures, most of these can be found in the old art section of this blog, except for Skincloak (lower right corner), it is in the New Art section. Also Half a Darling, who sits at the top is slightly bigger than an A4 so he comes wrapped in cello and a cardboard packing, won't fit into an C4-envelope...

New small print

 A friend of mine requested this panel from my upcoming (sometime in the brilliant, shining future) graphic novel as a print. Printing only one would cost too much so I decided to make a limited edition of ten hand signed and numbered series of prints of this picture! The cost is 5 euros and the size is exactly A4 with enough white edge to allow for easy framing, for example :3 This one comes with a sturdy cardboard packing and an envelope to keep it safe

Eroguro Stickers~

 Stickers are 1 euro each size is ca. 4,8 x 9,6 cm.


2 euros a piece, they are a bit different in size: Nargwhanal on the left side is ca. 15,5 x 5,5 cm and Hairdressings is 13,5 x 5 cm. Both are laminated and printed on both sides, with a backround of my own suminagashi works~

 I would like to have all inquiries & orders to my email, haltijakapala [å] gmail . com, so I don't get confused and forget someone :'3 The preorder time ends 1.9.2014 since I need to be on a plane after that and I doubt I will be able to read my emails. Also my kind friends need time to prepare their own stuff for the Alley, and I do recommend you go and check their table out too, they are some gifted artists!


  1. Voi helevetti! Ole unohtanut tämän täysin ja nyt on liian myöhäistä! D8 Oli puhelimessa linkki tänne ja selasin silleen ARGH! T~T Buhuu!

    1. Oivoi :((( No, voin yrittää josko saisi vielä onnistumaan, mikäli olisi ollut jotain mitä haluat :'> kaikkia printtejä ei vaan taida olla tarpeeksi printattuna, ja muistikin alkaa jo pätkiä, kun olen ollut niin kauan pois kotoa :'D mutta yrittänyttä ei laiteta! Eli jos olisit jotain halunnut niin sano vain niin yritän järjestää asian ^^

    2. Isoista (A3) 2 ja 3 sekä yksi joku sattumanvarainen tarra. ;_; Olis ihan mahtavaa jos onnistuis..

    3. Ok! En uskalla luvata että kaikki mahdolliset löytyy, mutta kannattaa kuitenkin käydä kyselemässä :3 viesti on lähetetty ainakin, yhteydenpito on vähän hidasta tämän ison aikaeron takia :'>