Monday, 23 March 2015

That Comic I Used to Draw

I've been drawn back to that old thing like a little bit of iron towards a magnet these past few months. I'm seriously considering resurrecting the poor corpse when I get back home...

 And in the mean time, here's a little something to prove that I am in fact not a corpse, yet

 This is a creature known by others as Laughter, an ethereal being shrouded in mystery, living outside of the Shindran society as a public secret. Well not alone though, Laughter leads a band of other wilder beings whom are collectively known as Shadow's Laughter, their wild ways are unnerving to those who hold power in the Shindran realms, but occasionally the goals of these opposing forces align and Shadow's Laughter aids the organised society, with a price of course.

 Sorry, I started rambling... I need to decide whether or not I should ink it, and if not ink, then what...

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