Monday, 7 September 2015


 Sorry I was going to write a quick note about Tracon's craft tables you know BEFORE the con but was so busy with malfunctioning printers and print houses and the beginning of my lectures that it just slipped my mind. Well, I did find out that I can't really update my blog from my phone either, for I tried.
 But thank you all who came, and hope to see you again in the next event whatever that may be!

New stickers and a big (44 x 32 cm) Blood for the Blood God print! If you missed my table and would like to have something just write me a message, a poor artist-student is a poor artists-student after all~ (haltijakapala [å] gmail . com)

In other good news the new Tähtivaeltaja has a few illustrations by me! I am pretty happy about it ^^

 And a last bonus: a small picture of a Blood for the Blood God scarf I ordered for myself from my Redbubble store, it is a fine beast of a scarf if you don't mind me saying!

 From now on this blog might be a bit quiet for a while since I'm finishing my artbooklet and can't show you everything I put in it. Also a small comic is in the works, but I can't show you much of that either just yet... Thank you for your patience in advance

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