Thursday, 22 October 2015

3rd week of characters

3rd week of original characters. This batch contains many of my absolute favorite darlings of all time. Many of them are main characters of the ye olde comic. Starting from the top left corner is Adal Bodgen a human lady and one of the main characters in my comic. To her right is the one I probably love most, easily my oldest character still around Mitral lounging around in very strange get up indeed. Below Mitral is Sirithyvin Aunirothu an undead creature living in the shadow's of Adal's home country. The his left is the yellow eyed Faurgwaith, and like the aforementioned trio a very important character in the comic.
 And last is the odd one out Ghuelan Nargwhanal's sworn retainer, bodyguard and swordsmanship teacher.

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