Friday, 21 July 2017

Some sketches

 I've been role-playing and doodling quite a lot during this summer! Here are some of the silly doodles I sketch while we've been playing~

 Upper left corner has my new Eldar Corsair character from a Rogue Trader campaign, Shiranui Chitaira. Beneath him is me brand new jackdaw bard-boy Kurama and his best pals Dr. Mlemmiwinks a doge cleric and Uss aka Lord Hissington, a yuan-ti fighter. The whole campaign is just a clusterfuck of tomfoolery and idiocy, and I love it to bits!
 Upper right corner has Marune from my comic, I'm trying redesign their face, for they have a set of horns on their head and I can't get them to work like I want to. Still, I think this is a pretty nice picture of them. And below is my hissymissy-Severan being the angry young man he is. 

 I've got some new prints coming up for Ropecon & Worldcon, stay tuned for them~~ In the meanwhile, you can always visit my Tictail or Redbubble to acquire some art!

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