Thursday, 25 January 2018

Caterpillar Boy of Book-loving

When I was still young, (and so was the Internet), there were a lot of insanely cute and slightly disturbing caterpillar boys in the dark corners of the web that I hung out in. I loved them. I still do, but haven’t seen any in a long, long time.  Maybe there is still a caterpillar boy nook out there somewhere, that I just don’t know about…   /sigh

Anyway, this book loving little fella is also going to be a bookmark, that I will be selling in Desucon Frostbite in Lahti, Finland, this weekend! So, if you’re around, do come say hi, I have tons of other stuff too. I’ll be there on both Saturday and Sunday, as I am not on the Artists’ Alley, but in the Trade Hall (which are both conveniently in the same hall, actually).
 And for all of you internationals, who can't be in Lahti, I also slapped him to my Redbubble Shoppe!

This baby is also a part of the Heavenly Bodies series I’m currently working on, check out the Heavenly Bodies tag for more!

And a bonus Homer, because he is the sweetest and cutest cat ever. Such a cuddly boy :'3

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