Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Merea & Uzure

 I’m going to call this done, been working on this way too long. This was a year end gift for myself that got way out of hand :’D I apparently love doing huge pieces that make my rickety old computer sputter and die every half an hour.

Merea and Uzure, again two critters from the past of the world of that comic. Merea is the one with burning coals for hair and coincidentally is something akin to a grandparent to my darling black metal dragon. A living, breathing weapon of mass destruction in a skimpy metal bikini, here to set the world ablaze just the way I like them ♡♡

Uzure on the other hand... is also related to a certain someone, but maybe I wont spoil the fun yet (`▽´)

I apologise for the lack of updates in this blog, my life has been crazy for the past year or so, and it won’t get any better just yet, because I’m going to Japan next week! For a bit over two weeks, so less art more tedious vacation pictures! Yay! After that particular hurdle I hop we can get back into a more orderly art life.

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