Tuesday, 13 November 2018

November commercials

Hello my darlings 。+゚*○゜☆*。*.・+★.。!
I can’t show you the mysterious wing in all its glory just yet, but instead I will shamelessly advertise my webshops! Winter solstice is coming, and I’ve uploaded a ton of new designs to my Redbubble shop, and a few new stickers onto my Tictail~
To keep things as simple as possible, if you’re interested in my comics, artbooks, stickers and A4-sized prints, please go to~

I put my art book the Heavenly Bodies & my latest comic Feather & Scale on sale until the end of this month All orders will be sent out with some nice extras, because I love you and am grateful for the support!

And if you’re interested in the shirts, dresses scarfs, tote bags, and whatnots shown in this post, you can find them in my~

Why not get yourself a festive dress of my bby darling Mitral mutilating their fair skin (without any pants on) .+(´^ω^`)+. Nothing says Merry Christmas like some blood on snow white skin ♡♡

I will also not be attending any events this year, at least not yet, so if you want some of my stuff before 2019, this is the only way :( 

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