Tuesday, 4 December 2018

So it is Christmas

Zine christmas market thing
Just a tiny darling of a note; I ended up getting a table at the Finnish Comics Society’s Christmas Zine sale Saturday 15th of December with Rikkisu & Metalmiku! If you’re around, please do come say hi 🖤 The event is held in the Comics Centre (Porthaninkatu 9, HKI)

The FB-event if that’s your thing

I had no idea there were kids involved, too xD, let’s try to keep them away from my table… I’m feeling especially sensitive about my art and less than mainstream preferences with this Tumblr shitstorm suddenly hitting us.

decided to draw something ridiculously self-indulgent as a year end gift for myself, now that I have a moment’s respite from all the teachings and whatnots. Still working on the comic too, but this piece has been burning on my head for months. Take care of yourself, my lovelies.

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