Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Telephone Art Game the Third

Telephone Art Game 2018
My third semi-international Telephone Art Game is finally done! We’ve been at this since summer, and now everything is done and the stars have aligned! Monstrous personage became the theme of this round 8>
The 14 participating artists in order of appearance:
1. Waspmer
2. @haltijakapala aka yours truly <3
3. @rikkisu
4. ered
5. Mert
6. Apila Pepita
7. Kevin Cadaver
8. Rachel
9. @mangomendoza
10. @kivihattu
11. Hoodd
12. Korhann
13. Sanna Susanna
14. @metalmiku
Make sure to check out their blogs, everyone has a blog/gallery full of amazing art <3

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