Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Shura finished & announcements

Shura. From the front, and kindly he gives you a glimpse of his backside too. This and the centipede will become bookmarks, hopefully in time for Sarjisfestarit next weekend! Me and Rikkisu​ will be sharing a table at Zinefest in Tiivistämö (not Oranssi, as there are two spots!)
Shura is a total babe who came to me in a dream, one of the best I've ever had. I’ve done a piece on it too, it is buried somewhere deep within my blog. Originally he was a male witch elf from Warhammer (my own AU of course, since in canon there are no such things, which is stupid), nowadays he is so much more!
I have more of these bookmarks planned, too, I call this series of floaty boys The Celestial Bodies (cue absolutely no laughter).

 As for the rest of this Autumn, I will sadly have very little time to draw as I am attempting a swift garduation from the University . Thesis will take a lot of time to get done, I fear... But before that I will attend one more event the Pagan Autumn Fair in September of which I'll tell more closer to the event!

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