Monday, 7 August 2017

Worldcon is just about here!

Worldcon begins in a few days! Me & my pal Pihlajatar will be sharing table numbered M2 and marked on the map in the Creators' Alley on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The sellers change a bit everyday, so there's plenty to see on the alley every day!

 The opening hours of the hall are:
Friday 10 - 18
Saturday 10 - 18
Sunday 10 - 15

 And remember! You don't need a membership to visit the Trader Hall & Creators' Alley! Everyone can come! For the time being this will be my last confirmed event that I will be in, so if you want to see my stuff live, now's the last chance (for now)
...And then there is new art :'D

This started out as a joke in my sketchbook, but then I wanted to make an actually bookmark about it. I mean, everyone needs a little cheering up&on from time to time, I know I do. This little guy does it for you sevenfold.
I have a whole bunch these planned, but it might take a while for them to get done, seems like my traditional post-comic depression has finally caught up with me, and I get absolutely nothing done. This one took me weeks D’: So please don't expect too much of me in the next few weeks, I need gather my pieces from the floor and try to assemble them into a human being again.

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