Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Post-Ropecon & Tictail

Hello everyone, and thank you for an amazing Ropecon!
I got a lot of questions about getting my stuff online from somewhere, so in the case some people who took my card end up in here, then here is my Tictail shop:

I will also research the cheapest possible way to send out the new big prints, since a few people inquired about that, too. I’ll let you all know when I add them to the shop!

Oh yeah, AND! I forgot to mention, but Worldcon, is on next week’s weekend! I will be there on the Creator’s Alley from Friday to Sunday, and what is more, you don’t need a membership to enter the hall where the alley & traders are! Anyone can come! Yay :D Come say hi if you are around!

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