Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring Announcements!

First, thank you all you who came to say hi in Tampere Kuplii, you made my weekend <3

Then, to the other things! My next con will be the Stockholm International Comics Festival in May! My first con abroad, very exciting! If you happen to be around, please come say hi! I will be sharing a table with Rikkis in the Small Press Expo.

But before that I will have a small exhibition of originals for the Feather&Scale graphic novel! I will have more info on that soon, so stay tuned~

And lastly, something not so nice. My nemesis, the Finnish Post Office will rise their prices yet again in the beginning of April. Therefore, all of you who haven’t yet gotten my graphic novel from the webshop, you should hurry before everything gets worse. I put both the graphic novel and our colouring booklet on sale, just for you lovelies ;> Thank you for all your support so far!

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