Saturday, 25 March 2017


 Some of you may know that I am old. Olde enough to have read Tähtivaeltaja back in the late nineties when I was a lonely old bag in the making in rural Finland, in times when the Internet was something new and expensive. I can say that reading this good old scifi-fantasy-horror-zine was one of the things keeping me sane in that very unsane environment. I’ve continued reading it ever since those backwards ancient times.

 AND for a few years now  I’ve had the pleasure of having my illustrations decorating the pages of Tähtivaeltaja, but now I made it to the cover! Somewhere a teenage me is screaming in delight.
 There’s no one more worthy of the honour of cover than the regal Ninavel. No one.
Tähtivaeltaja is a great magazine btw, you all should read it!  (Of course the mag is only in Finnish)

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